Back Seat Cover
for Dogs

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    Whenever you’re going for a ride with your dog, BarkinBuddy dog seat cover will protect your car salon from mud, liquids, hair and claw scratches. This improved pet seat cover is the only one protecting not just a back seat, but the entire car – backrests of front seats, headrests and back doors.


    We analyzed the issues of other dog car seat covers that sometimes get thorn or broken very fast, and came out with improved quality solutions. Enforced buckles, zippers and sews, additional extra waterproof layer, durable materials – all this guarantees that this pet car seat cover will serve you for years. We provide 6 months hassle-free guarantee, and will send you a new dog car hammock in case of any quality issues


    This dog seat cover for back seat has enlarged side flaps to protect the whole surface of back doors, and also protect the side of the back seat when the dogs get in and out of the car. Also you get 2 stylish headrest protectors for free!


    Hammock design of this pet seat cover for back seat prevents the dog from jumping to the front seat and from falling off the back seat in case of emergency brake. We also included a free dog car seatbelt for extra safety of your dog.


    Easy to put on and off, just connect the straps of the dog hammock over the front and back headrests, and you and your dog are ready to go. The side flaps will allow your dog to easily get into the car while protecting the side of the backseat from scratches. Then you can fix the side flaps up over the passenger handle to protect the whole surface of the back doors.This bench seat cover ideally fits all types of cars, SUVs and trucks, and can be used as a hammock, bench or trunk cover.


    This back seat cover for dogs goes with free dogs accessories that will be a great gift for every pet owner with a car. A pair of fancy covers for headrests protection, collapsible pet bowl for food and water, dog seatbelt and a stylish bag – all these make this dog hammock for back seat an obvious purchase choice, and also make this pet back seat protector a great present for any dog lover.

Real customer reviews
Just what I was looking for: non slip cover

I have been looking for a nice back seat cover that stays in place for a while now. This one is definitely a winner for me. All I did is just fastened the straps over the headrests, attached the anchors and it stays in place without slipping off the seat, like the other ones did. I only took 2 short rides with my german shepherd so far. He looks really comfortable in it and I am happy, my car stays clean. :-)))

Victoria S.

I absolutely love it. I have a white boxer and a …

“Absolutely love this car hammock! I have a large dog (mix of lab and a pitbull) who loves riding in a car and drooling all over the place (not mention shedding and scratching everything since he has long claws). I used to put large towels on the seats; I have leather seats, but they always slide and didn’t protect the seats (unless somebody sit next to the dog and held the towels). On the top of that the dog often slide with a towels and made even more mess in a car. It was really annoying. This car hammock does great job not just keeping the car clean but also providing safety for the dog”

Mike F.

Excellent hammock for a reasonable price

I absolutely love it. I have a white boxer and a doberman. They both shed insanely. This hammock solved all my problems. I’ve had kind of similar products in the past but non of them had as good of a quality. They don’t show it on the pictures but the back side of the bottom part has a plastic finish that prevents it from sliding every time I brake. It was easy to put in and easy to take out. Attaching the pictures of my happy puppies in it. I highly recommend this hammock!

Ehab I. M.


We in BarkingBuddy are focused on producing high-quality dog travel products and strive to make the rides with your beloved dog an amazing and unforgettable experience.

As a small private label business, we care about our customers and do our best and more to let you and your barking buddy feel comfortable and safe each and every time you go for a car trip together.

We are always happy to hear our customers’ voice. Should you have any questions, ideas or feedback – feel free to drop us a line at and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
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